How to make pizza at home

How to make pizza at home

How to make pizza at home

Hello friends today we will teach you how to make pizza.
Although the pizza is made in the oven, today we will show you how you can make the same pizza on the griddle and the test will be exactly the same as the oven.
So let's start friends

Ingredients-how to make pizza at home

  • Refined flour - 2 cups
  •  Olive oil - 2 tbsp
  •  Salt - half a teaspoon (as per taste)
  •  Sugar - 1 tsp
  •  Instant Yeast - 1 teaspoon, by leveling

Ingredients -Topping over pizza: -

  • Capsicum - 1
  •  Baby Corn - 3
  •  Pizza sauce - half a cup
  •  Mozzarella cheese - half a cup
  •  Italian Mix Herbs - Half Teaspoon

Preparation- how to make pizza at home

  • Sieve all purpose flour in a vessel, add dry ingredients yeast, olib oil, salt and sugar and mix.  Mix everything well, and with the help of lukewarm water, knead the chapatti-like dough, after adding the dough, mash the dough for 5-7 minutes until it becomes very smooth.
  •  Knead the dough, apply oil in a bowl, cover it for 2 hours and keep it in a warm place, in such a time, the flour becomes double.  Dough is ready to make pizza.
  •  Prepare the topping for pizza:
  •  Cut the capsicum, remove the seeds and cut into thin lengths.  Round half to Baby Corn.  Cut the pieces, and after putting the vegetables on the pan, while stirring for 2 minutes, soften slightly.
  •  Break half the dough for pizza and make a round dough, with the help of dry refined flour, 1/2 cm in diameter of 10-12 inches.  Make a thick pizza and prepare it.
  •  Heat a pan by placing on the gas, if the pan is not nonstick, then put some oil on the pan to roast the pizza, cover it and cook for 2 minutes or until the bottom of the pizza becomes light brown.  Keep the fire slow..
  • Flip the pizza, reduce the flame to a minimum and top the pizza.  First of all, put a thin layer of mother-in-law on the pizza, and now put capsicum and baby corn at a little distance.  Put mozzarella cheese over the vegetables.
  •  Cover the pizza and let it roast for 5-6 minutes on low flame, roast it until the cheese melts and the bottom of the pizza base turns brown.  Keep checking the pizza every 2 minutes.
  •  Very good pizza is ready, put the herbs on top of the pizza and chop it.  Serve hot pizza and eat
Tips - how to make pizza at home
If you are replacing (Instant Yeast) with( Dry Yeast), then activate it by adding five minutes of lukewarm solution of sugar and milk.
Now you can eat it with your friends and families.

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